The Ladies

by Jason Tougaw

I’ve been thinking about writing something short about life with chickens, documenting some of the inter-species behavior on our little plot of woods. Chickens are generally entertaining and often fascinating–for example, when a hen decides she’s a rooster or when the flock decides to toss around a snake or when a lost hen turns up inside the compost bin where she’s been living for three days (with plenty of food, luckily). If you read about the hawk, you know they’re susceptible to predators and that this can become very upsetting. (We’ve had a couple of massacres. In fact, the dark back story is that most of the stars here are no longer alive, so in that sense the videos are also memorials.)

But those stories will wait for me to distill my thoughts and feelings about life with hens into something worth reading. In the meantime, I thought I’d take advantage of this multimedia environment to share the two chicken videos I made, both with Beastie Boys soundtracks. I hope my fledgling editorial skills will be entertaining despite the lack of–er–polish. For your enjoyment, the ladies.


“Hey Ladies”

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