Some writing

by Jason Tougaw

“Aplysia californica” is a chapter from The One You Get: Portrait of a Family Organism, the memoir I’ve been working on. It’s published in Boys to Men: Gay Men Write about Growing Up (Da Capo Press), edited by the talented and generous Ted Gideonse and Rob Williams.

“The San Luis Rey” is the first chapter from The One You Get. It should give you a feel for the book as a whole, particularly the way memory, story, family myths, and science are entangled in it.

“Brain Memoirs, Neuroscience, and the Self” is a piece I wrote for the journal Literature and Medicine, profiling writing by Jill Bolte Taylor, Antonio Damasio, Howard Dully, Siri Hustvedt, Alva Noë, and Alix Kates Shulman.

“We’re Still Vulnerable: Todd Haynes’s Safe in 2011″ is a piece I wrote for a special issue of WSQ, entitled Safe and edited by the brilliant and glamorous duo Alyson Cole and Kyoo Lee.

“Marcel Dzama’s Notebook” is an introduction I wrote for the the catalogue for artist Marcel Dzama’s exhibit “The Course of Human History Personified.”

“Testimony and the Subjects of AIDS Memoirs” is an essay I wrote originally for a/b: Autobiography Studies.  This version appeared in an essay collection I co-edited with my mentor, friend, and collaborator Nancy K. Miller, entitled Extremities: Trauma, Testimony, and Community, published by the University of Illinois Press.


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