Breaking: Telepathic Passionflowers Are Felt to Undergo Suffering

I. MOOD OF PATIENT? CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX:  a. APATHETIC [_] b. IMPATIENT [_] c. DISPASSIONATE [_] d. ANTHROPOPATHIC [_] e. PASSIVE [_] f. OTHER [x] * II. THE BLOSSOM OF THE PASSIONFLOWER RESEMBLES MANY THINGS. IT NEVER RESEMBLES ITSELF.  Imagine a series of over-layering discs. To unlock the axis of the blossom, you need to know […]

Margot’s Brain Shelf

I’m currently writing about how the cinema affects memory, looking at how writers have invoked specific spaces—such as the attic, boarding school, or riverfront—to function as sites of memory in cinematic ways. Virginia Woolf got me started. Born before motion pictures were invented, Woolf in her one piece of film criticism (“The Cinema,” 1926) expresses […]

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