Alix Kates Shulman Wants You to Consider Donating Your Brain for Medical Research

by Jason Tougaw

In her exquisite memoir To Love What Is: A Marriage Transformed, Shulman is critical of neurologists who conceal the limits of current knowledge about the brain and causes of dementia. She is also grateful to the neurologists and health professionals who treated her husband Scott after the severe brain trauma that changed their lives. Last week, when she spoke at the Neurocultures Lecture Series at The CUNY Graduate Center, she mentioned that she and Scott had arranged to donate their brains  for medical research. This was a catalyst for a lively conversation in which several members of the audience expressed interest in donating their brains too.

In Shulman’s words,

“There are currently over 5 million people with dementia in the US alone, along with their 15 million unpaid caregivers, and medical science knows very little about what causes it, much less how to prevent, treat, or cure it. For scientific research, both healthy and pathological brains are needed.”

If you’re interested in more information about donating, contact Dr. Karen L. Dahlman, Project Director of the Brain Tissue Donation Program (Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine) at 212-241-2968. You can also call the program’s clinical co-ordinator, Judy Creighton at 212-241-1844.


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